Below you can find some basic information regarding our studio general policies.

Pro Photo Studio only accepts orders via our website through our new order form. Our order form was created with you in mind and helps us gather all the information we need prior to the start of your shoot.

Any detailed instructions, image addons, reference images, and additional information should be written within the form.
As the client, we ask that you supply us with clear and detailed instructions for the photographer.

Clients that provide us with instructions and reference images based on their vision from the start of the project have the best photoshoot experience.

If a client does not provide any images for the photographer to refer to for layout, color theme, or design, then the photographer will use their own creative direction, and therefore there will be no refunds.

Pro Photo Studio is not responsible for damaged packages that arrive at the studio or packages lost in transit.
Our photographers rely on your reference and example images but cannot guarantee an exact copy of the images provided. What we can provide is consistency across images within a shoot and among any previous shoots done at Pro Photo Studio.
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