How many revisions included in the order?

Each session includes 1 revision that requires a physical reshoot and 2 graphic revisions.
please note: revisions are done only if we did not follow your instructions as mentioned by email or by the order form)

Our revision process
When providing edits, please compile it all in one email and not in multiple emails such as a color adjustment here. size edit there. One other comment. And one more, etc.

Please note, All edits must be communicated n writing via email only. We will not accept any revisions done in person or by phone. This way information will not be lost and we can avoid misunderstandings.

Revision timeline

Revision for reshoot must be done within 4 days of the delivery files.
Revision for retouching must be done within 10 days of the delivery files.
What revisions are paid and what are free?

Free revisions

If Professional photography inc failed to follow any shooting directions and image specifications from the order form.
If professional photography inc failed to follow requested angles.
If professional photography inc failed to do the color matching accurately to the product true color
Reducing the image size.
Reducing the image paddings.
Manipulating the size, color, or opacity of the shadow or the reflection under the image.
Paid revisions

Any changes after the photoshoot have started already. such as changing product angles, changing product layout, adding props, etc.
Clients were not specific regarding product angles, compositions, layout, and left it to professional photography inc open to interpretation and assumption.
Expired revision timeline.
Changing or recoloring the product to another color than the actual product is.
Flat lay shooting - If a client didn't provide exact references for lay flat clothing and is not happy with the shape of the lay-flat we provided.
Revisions for examples that were not provided before the session.
Revision regarding specific retouching style, as removing wrinkles completely, etc.
Removing any defects in the low-quality product sample that cannot be changed to the quality of the images.
if the delivered images match the examples client provided no changed on reflection style ( as an example, jewelry, watches, etc.)
Revisions made after you let our studio have complete control on photoshoot creativity and did not provide any specific instructions.


Please provide clear directions before our studio starting the photoshoot.
Be clear with your vision regarding the photoshoot.
Follow our guidelines.
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