Live Models process and basic rate

Yes, we do work with live models. We do however have minimum images for a live model because we do have to set up our studio just to accommodate your product with a model.

Although we don't have a lookbook (due to model availability) we can provide you with a few options before the shoot.
In order for us to book a model, we do require from our client a $250 deposit fee. this fee will be applied to the final invoice.

See below our fee categories for models with products or apparel photography

Model hourly rates - runs between $195 to $300 an hour, depends on the quality of the model.
Photography rates - depends on the project and the product, normally between $45-$75 per image.
Makeup and hair (optional) about $200/ session
Stylist (optional) about $250-$450 per session
Art director (optional) rate depends on the project
The model requires 4 hours minimum.

Because every project is different, you may want to contact us for a more accurate rate.
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