Yes. We do have a stylist available for Lifestyle projects available for hire.

What's a prop stylist?
A prop stylist or a product stylist is a creative person who provides, styles, composite and makes your product look stunning in a shoot. A prop stylist, is responsible almost for all the objects that you see in a photograph. That could be product as big as a table, or even a kayak or as small as a jewelry ring . The stylist will make sure that all the objects in a shot work together,shapes and colors, in creating the right aesthetic, story and backdrop colors and material for whatever the image is about.

Do you offer free Stylist?
No. Stylist or an Art director charge their fees by the day and it's not included in the photography fees or in any package that we offer.

How much is a stylist?
The way we calculate stylist price depends on the amount of time she needs to purchase the props, and the amount of time she have to work creating the setting for the shot. A stylist will be present during the shot, organizing, creating the setup, and fixing small things between shots.

A standard fee for a prop stylist starts at $850 per day, plus the cost of the goods and the stylist time to shop for the goods ( in some cases the stylist will charge for the time to return this goods if the client request)

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